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Home Services

Custom Home Building

Building a custom home is like marrying the love of your life: it’s a little stressful, a little scary, and completely worth it because you know it will stand the test of time and bring you decades of joy.

And as far as the fear and stress go, that’s why we’re here.

We’ll walk you step-by-step through the whole process, from establishing your budget to deciding on a floor plan and house design.

Here’s a brief overview of the pre-construction planning and design process we use for all new homes (note: these steps are interchangeable and don’t necessarily come in this order):

  1. First, we decide what’s most important, budget or design. If design, we’ll discuss the budget during the process; if budget, we’ll nail that down first and make the design fit within it.
  2. Second, we’ll help you choose your financing options.
  3. Third, we’ll discuss your goals for the future and your family and help you choose a floor plan that matches them.
  4. Fourth, we’ll choose the lot.
  5. Finally, we’ll get to work.

Throughout this process, we’ll discuss everything we do with you before we do it.

No surprises. No hidden costs.

And the owners of STF Builders, John and Karen, will be on-site the entire time.

We don’t call it Start to Finish for nothing.

Home Design And Construction

Custom Home Remodeling

Remodeling a home is like finishing a 3-month exercise program after years of not working out: you’re still the same person, but you look and feel 100x better than you did before, and it didn’t take long to get those results.

And like an exercise program, a truly good home remodeling needs to hit all the major areas.

We don’t do one-off remodeling jobs, just like effective workout programs don’t only focus on your arms or core.

Instead, we specialize in major overhauls.

The kitchen, both bathrooms, and an addition to the house.

If we remodel your home, we’ll hit the major areas that need work.

And we’ll remodel your home for any reason:

From repairing damage to reducing energy costs to increasing the value of the property before you sell it.

Like your body after 3-months of hard work, your home will be looking and feeling like new.

Home Kitchen Construction Company

Custom Interior Design

Custom interior design is like clearing out half your closet and filling your wardrobe with things you never thought you would look good in, but you do.

Karen will work with you one-on-one to listen to your needs and vision for your home’s desired look and feel.

We work with several top vendors to bring you a range of options, styles, and decor.

Karen will present the designs in easy-to-understand plans so you’ll know exactly where items will go and can decide ahead of time how you want your home to look.

She’ll even go shopping with you, help you decorate, and keep the project in budget.

By the end, you’ll be wondering how you ever lived with the old design as you fall in love with your fresh, new interior.

Interior Design Services