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Custom Interior Design

How do you make a small room look bigger (without knocking down the walls)?

How do you make a dark room look brighter (without adding more lights)?

How do you make low ceilings appear higher (without knocking down the walls, again)?

Karen and team, will use their knowledge and experience to transform your boring rooms into exciting chambers that impress old guests as much as they do new ones.

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The STF Interior Design Process

First things first, Karen will sit down with you to discuss the rooms being designed and the look and feel you want those rooms to impart.

She’ll walk through your house with you to take in the existing style and decor in order to match the rooms being designed or to understand how to transition from your current look to the new one you want.

After the walk through, Karen and team will talk to you about their recommendations. Once a look and feel is established. Karen will start shopping with you. 

During the shopping process, should you really like something that’s out of the plan, she can advise you on how that’ll effect the overall budget. At that time she can make recommendations on what to cut or substitute to make it work.

From flooring to paint to decor, Karen and team helps you purchase exactly what you love to complete your design while keeping it in budget.

Then Start to Finish Builders get to work and you’ll get to enjoy your home in a whole new way.

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Want to Discuss Your Interior Design Project?

Let’s talk.

We’ll discuss what you need and what it’ll take to get the job done.

No hard sells or sales-y negotiation tactics.

Go ahead and give us a call or shoot us an email.

We look forward to hearing about your dream (and helping you make it a reality).

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