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Custom Home Building

You want a gorgeous home that will stand the test of time, but you deserve even more than that…

You want to make sure that whoever builds your home does it with the same care and attention to detail you would if you were building your own home.

Most home builders will design your home, take your money, and then disappear for the next 6-9 months while your home is built (occasionally bugging you for thousands of dollars more than the agreed-upon price to cover “unexpected costs”).

Not us.

You’ll find John and Karen literally building your house on-site alongside their crew.

John especially, since he oversees the day-to-day operations of every house he builds to make sure they’re up-to-spec and are completed on time.

As for Karen and her team, their goal is to help you get the design you want in your home.  They go shopping with you and help you decorate.

Not only do Start to Finish Builders help you with everything and oversee everything they are also transparent about prices and costs.

In the event that there is an unexpected cost, They’ll either work with you to find a low-cost solution to help keep you within your budget or work around it.

When Start to Finish Builders build your house, they work with you closely to make it the home you’ve always dreamed of living in.

Home Design And Construction

The STF Custom Home Building Process

Before we draw up any blueprints or even start looking at plots of land, we sit down with you to go over your vision for your custom home.

This is often called “pre-construction planning.”

We’ll cover things like:

  • The style of home you want – from farmhouse to cottage to modern.
  • The approximate square footage of the home.
  • The number of rooms needed.
  • The exact floor plan.
  • The size of the lot.
  • How much money you’re willing to spend in total, with a minimum and maximum amount.
  • Your goals with your house (i.e. sell it in 5 years or pass it on to your kids in 30 years)
  • The timeline for completing house construction
  • Your available financing options.

Once we nail down these details, we draw up the contract to finalize the deal.

We’ll work with you to find the perfect lot for your house and then we’ll get to work.

It’s that simple.

Home Improvement Services

Want to Discuss Building Your Custom Home?

Let’s talk.

We’ll discuss what you need and what it’ll take to get the job done.

No hard sells or sales-y negotiation tactics.

Go ahead and give us a call or shoot us an email.

We look forward to hearing about your dream (and helping you make it a reality).

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