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HomeBuildingMost Buyers Shop For Their Second Home During The Winter
Home Most Buyers Shop For Their Second Home During The Winter
Most Buyers Shop For Their Second Home During The Winter
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When the wind is bitterly cold and the days are short, it’s easy to start daydreaming about a second home. The Midwest’s long, dark winter has you longing for those warm summer days in a cozy vacation house. You can picture it now: turning your face into the sun on a porch you don’t have yet or maybe on your own lakeside dock, drink in hand.

If this sounds like you and you’re looking this winter into buying a second house, you’re not alone. Most buyers do their research during the colder months. Downtime during Christmas vacation is when most people start looking into a second or vacation home (https://www.builderonline.com/builder-100/marketing-sales/most-buyers-shop-for-a-second-home-in-the-winter_o). Cold holiday weather, the snow, and the sharp wind keep you indoors, daydreaming while watching home improvement shows and flipping through magazines.


Tired of Your Home and Looking for an Upgrade


But maybe it’s not just the weather that makes you want a new house—though a summer home does sound heavenly. Something else besides just wind chill is leading you online to scroll through Pinterest interior decorating boards. It could be that your current home just doesn’t cut it anymore. Maybe the furnace doesn’t quite keep up, the yard isn’t up to snuff, or you simply are looking for an upgrade to your home’s style or finishes. Realtor.com says one of the top reasons consumers look to buy a new house is that they’re tired of their current one (https://www.realtor.com/research/market-outlook/). Sound like you?

This means that wintertime is the perfect time to start dreaming and planning so you’re ready for spring building. Springtime is when most buyers start to tour homes since winter weather doesn’t exactly invite you to an open house. (builderonline.com, same link as above) But sellers know this about consumers, and they strategize accordingly.


Why Winter Shopping Can Be a Mixed Bag


So for example, let’s say you’ve had enough of winter holding you back. You’re ready to shop now. After all, you might be a hardier soul than most. If you are, you may already know the advantage to winter real estate: the listing prices tend to be cheaper.

But there’s a downside. Sellers list houses more often in the summer when they can get those higher prices. So for you, tough Midwesterner that you are touring homes in the winter, fewer houses are available to choose from. (https://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2014/12/why-its-cheaper-to-buy-a-home-in-the-winter/383478/). This means that it’s a lot like going to a second-hand store—you might find what you want, but it will take a lot more time and effort, and even then, you might not find exactly what you’re looking for.

And you’ve done all this planning and dreaming! You won’t settle for anything less than stellar, right? What good are slim pickings when it comes to your dream home?


Getting Exactly What You Want and Going Custom


You’ve done your research. You’ve toured the houses. (Maybe only online, but that totally counts. It’s winter out there!) And despite all your efforts, you just can’t find the right house. That’s one of the most common reasons consumers hold back when they’re shopping for a new home (Realtor.com, same link as above). You haven’t bought yet because you simply can’t find a place that suits your needs.

The fact is, you want what you want, and it’s not available. No one has made it yet. What you want is your dream home. What you need is a custom house.

That’s where the top home builders in the area come in. Start to Finish will work with you to make sure your home is the manifestation of your dreams.

We know you want quality that’s an investment for your future and the future of your family. Start to Finish homes are durable and built exactly to your needs. We’ll help you with your budget and walk you through design all the way to completion.

Because you choose the design and materials, you can be certain of both their quality and safety—not to mention their greater energy efficiency. All-new products in your custom home will save you money on those monthly utility bills. We have some great tips for you on choosing materials at our post about How Quality Products, Finishing, and Materials Make a Difference.

And while you’re doing your searching this winter, you can also check out our gallery to see photos of the custom homes we’ve brought to life in our over 30 years of experience.

Whatever you choose, and whatever your dream is, Start to Finish can help you build it.

Do you have any comments, tips, or questions about winter home shopping? Be sure to leave us a note in the comments below!

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